Importing a Document

You can import documents created in other applications (such as Microsoft Word).

You can also import documents you download as HTML files from the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system provided by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. You can download HTML files from the EDGAR system using Safari and other web browsers. To learn how to download files using Safari, see Safari Help.

Turner can import the following file formats: Microsoft Word (DOCX), PDF, Rich Text Format (RTF), EDGAR HTML, and plain text (TXT).

Note: To import a Microsoft Word DOC file, you must first export the DOC file to a file format that Turner can import (like DOCX and RTF), and then import this file. To learn how to export DOC files to other file formats, see Word Help.

Here are ways to import a document:
  • Drag the document to the Turner application icon in the Dock.

  • In Turner, choose File > Open, select the document in the Open dialog, and then click Open.

To learn tips for cleaning up documents you import, see Tips for Working with Imported Documents.

If you need to import a file format that Turner does not support, try opening the document in another application and saving it in a format that Turner can import, or copy and paste the contents of the document into a new Turner document.

You can export Turner documents to Microsoft Word (DOCX), PDF, Rich Text Format (RTF), EDGAR HTML, plain text (TXT), and EDGAR plain text. See Exporting Turner Documents to Other File Formats to learn more.

Instead of starting with a document you import, you can start with a new document. See Creating a New Document to learn how.