Removing a Table of Contents before Importing

When importing a document, Turner may interpret a table of contents as a list of provisions. For example, Turner may interpret the entry for Article I in a table of contents (instead of the real Article I) as the first provision in your document. When this happens, cleaning up a document after importing it may be very time consuming, and you may save time if you remove the table of contents from the document you want to import before you import it.

Here are ways to remove a table of contents from a document you want to import:
  • Delete the table of contents in the file you want to import, and then import this edited file. You can edit DOCX and RTF files using a word processor, like Pages and Microsoft Word. You can edit TXT files using a text editor, like TextEdit. If you’re familiar with HTML, you can edit EDGAR HTML files using a text editor, like TextEdit.

  • Use Copy and Paste to create a new document that doesn’t include a table of contents, and then import this new document. For example, copy and paste the contents (excluding the table of contents) of a PDF or an EDGAR HTML file into a new TXT file, and then import this TXT file.

To learn how to include a table of contents in a document when you print or export, see Including a Table of Contents.