Using Comments

You can use comments to help you remember items that you want to review later, to ask questions of other reviewers, and more.

You can use the Comments Navigator to manage comments. To show the Comments Navigator, choose View > Show Comments Navigator.

Here are ways to use comments:
  • To create a comment, select text, and then click the Comment button in the toolbar or choose Insert > Comment. A yellow border appears around the text you selected. A comment appears in the Comments Navigator, and you can type text in the comment.

  • To go to the part of your document to which a comment applies, select a comment in the Comments Navigator.

  • To edit a comment, click the text of the comment in the Comments Navigator, and begin typing.

  • To delete a comment, select a comment in the Comments Navigator, and then click the Delete button (−) at the bottom of the Comments Navigator or press the Delete key.

  • To copy comments to the Clipboard, use Shift‑click or Command‑click to select comments in the Comments Navigator, and then choose Edit > Copy or press Command‑C.

  • To print or export your document with comments, make sure the “Include comments” checkbox in the Print & Export pane of the Print & Export inspector is selected before you print your document. To learn more about printing and exporting, see Printing and Exporting a Document to Other Formats.