Including the Content of Ancillaries within a Document

Ancillaries to contracts (like exhibits and schedules) sometimes include essential information (like a list of definitions). You cannot work with the content of ancillaries in Turner, and Turner does not import ancillaries. If the content of an ancillary is essential, it’s a good idea to move this content to provisions (above the signatures) in the document you want to import before you import it.

Here are ways to move content from an ancillary to provisions in a document you want to import:
  • Edit the file you want to import, and then import this edited file. You can edit DOCX and RTF files using a word processor, like Pages and Microsoft Word. You can edit TXT files using a text editor, like TextEdit. If you’re familiar with HTML, you can edit EDGAR HTML files using a text editor, like TextEdit.

  • Use Copy and Paste to create a new document that includes all of the content you want to import within provisions, and then import this new document. For example, copy and paste the contents (including items within an ancillary) of a PDF or an EDGAR HTML file into a new TXT file, and then import this TXT file.

To learn about ancillaries, see Working with Ancillaries.