Checking for Undetected Cross-References

When importing a document, Turner finds text that looks like cross-references, and then creates cross-references based on this text. However, Turner may not find all cross-references. For example, if Turner cannot find the item to which a cross-reference refers, then Turner will leave this cross-reference as text.

After importing a document, it’s a good idea to check for cross-references that Turner didn’t detect.

Here are ways to check for undetected cross-references:
  • Use the Find & Replace pane to find words like article, clause, and section.

  • Use tokens in the Find & Replace pane to find text that typically appears in cross-references. For example, you can search for number.number to find provision numbers (like 1.01), and you can search for (word) to find text like the (a) in clause (a).

To learn more about the Find & Replace pane, see Finding and Replacing Text. To learn more about cross-references, see Using Cross-References.