Working with Contact Information

Contact information (like addresses and phone numbers) is often formatted differently from other content, and you may need to clean up contact information in documents you import.

Here are tips for cleaning up contact information:
  • Insert paragraph breaks between blocks of contact information (for example, between the contact information of a party to a contract and this party‚Äôs counsel). To insert a paragraph break, choose Insert > Paragraph Break. If you need to insert numerous paragraph breaks, you may want to use the Return key to insert paragraph breaks. To do this, choose Turner > Preferences, and then use the Return Key controls in the General pane of Turner preferences. To learn more about paragraph breaks, see Inserting a Paragraph Break.

  • Insert line breaks between lines in a block of contact information (for example, between lines in a mailing address, or between a phone number and an email address). To insert a line break, choose Insert > Line Break or press Option-Return. To learn more about line breaks, see Inserting a Line Break.