EDGAR Plain Text

Turner documents exported as EDGAR plain text files are encoded using the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII). When you export a Turner document as an EDGAR plain text file, non‑ASCII characters are replaced with alternate characters or with a question mark (?).

Lines of text in EDGAR plain text files have at most 80 characters.

EDGAR plain text files do not include any of the “ASCII/SGML tags” described in Section of the EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume II).

You can open and edit EDGAR plain text files in many text editing applications, such as TextEdit. If you edit an EDGAR plain text file in a text editing application, follow these guidelines:

When editing an EDGAR plain text file:
  • Use only ASCII characters. If you can choose an encoding for your EDGAR plain text file using your text editing application, choose ASCII or an encoding that is backward-compatible with ASCII. For more information, see ASCII Characters and Compatible Encodings.

  • Avoid making any line of text longer than 80 characters. If a line of text in an EDGAR plain text file is longer than 80 characters, the file may be unsuitable for the EDGAR system.

For more information about the EDGAR system, see the EDGAR Filer Manual.

In addition to EDGAR plain text, you can export documents to EDGAR HTML. See EDGAR HTML for detailed information about EDGAR HTML. See Exporting Turner Documents to Other File Formats to learn about other formats to which you can export a Turner document.