Including Text after a List of Subprovisions

Provisions in contracts sometimes include text, then a list of subprovisions, and then more text after the list of subprovisions (but not within it). For example, after some introductory text and a list of subprovisions, there might be a general exception (“Notwithstanding the foregoing…”).

When Turner imports documents from other file formats, it may interpret text that appears after a list of subprovisions as part of the last subprovision in the list. When this happens, the text that appears after a list of subprovisions may not be aligned as expected, and cross-references to list items and provisos within this text may not behave as expected.

To make text appear after a list of subprovisions:
  1. Select the provision that contains a list of subprovisions and the text you want to include after this list of subprovisions.

  2. Choose Format > Provision > Convert Subprovisions to Numbered Lists. The list of subprovisions in the provision you selected is converted to a numbered list.

  3. Edit the last item in the numbered list to move text after the numbered list. Here are ways to do this:

    • Cut and Paste: Select the text you want to appear after the numbered list, press Command‑X to cut this text, press the Right Arrow key to position the insertion point after the numbered list, and then press Command‑V to paste this text after the numbered list.

    • End Numbered List: Position the insertion point where you want the numbered list to end, and then choose Format > Numbered List > End Numbered List.

To learn more about provisions, see Working with Provisions. To learn more about numbered lists, see Using Numbered Lists.