Managing Ancillaries

You can use the Ancillaries Navigator to manage ancillaries. To show the Ancillaries Navigator, choose View > Show Ancillaries Navigator.

Here are ways to use the Ancillaries Navigator:
  • To create a new ancillary, click the Add button (+) at the bottom of the Navigator.

  • To delete an ancillary, click an ancillary in the Navigator to select it, and then click the Delete button (−) at the bottom of the Navigator or press the Delete key. When you delete an ancillary, the Proofreader flags references to this ancillary as drafting errors. To learn about ancillary references, see Using Ancillary References; to learn more about the Proofreader, see Checking for Drafting Errors.

  • To go to where a reference to an ancillary appears, click the disclosure triangle next to the ancillary, and then click a location.

  • To set how an ancillary is referred to in ancillary references, click the ancillary you want to work with, click the Label field (on the left), and then type text.

  • To set the title of an ancillary, click the ancillary you want to work with, click the Title field (on the right), and then type text.

  • To copy ancillaries to the Clipboard, use Shift‑click or Command‑click to select ancillaries in the Ancillaries Navigator, and then choose Edit > Copy or press Command‑C.

You can list ancillaries in the front of your document when you print or export; see Including a Table of Contents to learn more.