Using Ancillary References

You can create ancillary references. An ancillary reference displays the label of an ancillary listed in the Ancillaries Navigator.

To create an ancillary reference:
  1. Position the insertion point where you want to create an ancillary reference.

  2. Choose Insert > Ancillary Reference To, and then choose an ancillary from the submenu.

To quickly create an ancillary reference to a new ancillary, choose Insert > Ancillary Reference To > New Ancillary or press Command‑Shift‑R.

To delete an ancillary reference, position the insertion point to the right of the ancillary reference, and then press the Delete key twice.

You can format the appearance of ancillary references by using the Ancillary References pop‑up menu in the Document inspector; see Formatting Overall Text Appearance to learn more.

To learn about ancillaries, see Managing Ancillaries.