The Inspector Window

You can use the controls in the inspector window to set up the overall characteristics of your document, including text appearance, provision numbering, and more. You can also use the controls in the inspector window to manage elements in your document, including numbered lists, signature blocks, and more. Hold the pointer over controls in the inspector window to see a description of what they do.

To open the inspector window, choose View > Show Inspector, or click Inspector in the toolbar. To open another inspector window, choose View > New Inspector.

Click the buttons at the top of the inspector window to show a particular inspector.

To learn about Go to
The Document inspector Formatting Overall Text Appearance
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The Numbered List inspector Using Numbered Lists
The Front Matter inspector Working with Introductory Sections and the Document Title
The Signature Block inspector Working with Signature Blocks
The Print & Export inspector Printing and Exporting a Document to Other Formats