Formatting Overall Text Appearance

You can choose a font to use throughout your document. You can also format the appearance of defined terms, cross-references, and more. Additionally, you can adjust line spacing, paragraph spacing, and indents throughout your document.

To format text throughout your document:
  1. Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Document button at the top of the inspector window.

  2. Use the controls in the Document inspector.

    • Font: Use the Font controls to choose a font for your document and adjust its size.

    • Formatting: Use the Formatting controls to format the appearance of defined terms (see Working with Defined Terms), cross-references (see Using Cross-References), proviso markers (see Using Proviso Lists), and ancillary references (see Using Ancillary References).

      • To choose a typeface for one of these items, use the typeface pop‑up menu to the right of the item.

      • To make one of these items underlined, click the Underline button to the right of the item, and then choose Underline All or Underline Words. Underline All includes spaces and punctuation in underlines, while Underline Words excludes spaces and punctuation from underlines. Click the Underline button and choose None to remove underlines.

        Note: When you format cross-references, you format prefixes and provision numbers (for example, Section 1.01), but not other text that might be part of a cross-reference (for example, the proviso to).

      • To enclose defined terms in quotation marks, choose an option from the Quotes pop‑up menu.

        Note: You cannot edit quotation marks created by using the Quotes pop‑up menu. Additionally, you cannot find these quotation marks by using the Find & Replace pane. See Finding and Replacing Text to learn more about finding text.

    • Proviso Markers: Use the Proviso Markers controls to edit the text of proviso markers.

      • Use the First Proviso field to edit the text of the first proviso marker in proviso lists.

      • Use the Other Provisos field to edit the text of all proviso markers after the first proviso marker in proviso lists.

    • Spacing: Use the Spacing controls to set the space between paragraphs and lines of text. To set spacing automatically based on the font size, select the Automatic checkbox. Deselect this checkbox to set spacing yourself. To adjust the space between lines of text, use the arrows next to the Line field. To adjust the space between paragraphs, use the arrows next to the Paragraph field.

    • Indents: Use the Indents controls to choose how provisions and other items are indented. Use the Style pop‑up menu to make provisions and other items use hanging indents, first line indents, or no indents. Use the Width pop‑up menu to set the width of indents.

In addition to overall text appearance, you can format the appearance of provision numbers and titles; see Formatting Provision Numbers and Formatting Provision Titles to learn how.