Using Defined Terms You Create

After you’ve created a defined term, you can use it simply by typing it. See Creating Defined Terms to learn how to create a defined term, and see Adding Defined Terms and Definitions to a Definitions List to learn how to create a defined term in a definitions list.

When you start typing a use of a defined term, Turner shows a list of defined terms that might be used to complete the one you’re typing. You can choose one of the suggested defined terms, or you can continue typing to refine or ignore the suggestions. To stop the list of defined terms from appearing as you type, choose Turner > Preferences, and then deselect “Automatically suggest ways to complete defined term uses” in the General pane of Turner preferences. You can also show or hide the list of suggested defined terms by pressing the Esc (Escape) key.

You can find every use of any defined term. See Finding Uses of Defined Terms to learn how.

The Proofreader always ignores singular and plural uses of defined terms when it checks for capitalized words and phrases that are not uses of a defined term. To learn more about the Proofreader, see Checking for Drafting Errors.