Working with Defined Terms

You can create, edit, and delete defined terms.

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Creating a new defined term Creating Defined Terms and Guidelines for Creating Defined Terms in Turner
Editing an existing defined term Editing Defined Terms

You can list defined terms with their definitions in a definitions list; see Using a Definitions List to learn more. You can include an index of defined terms in the front of your document when you print or export; see Including a Table of Contents to learn how.

Creating Defined Terms

You can create new defined terms.

To create a new defined term:
  1. Position the insertion point where you want to create the new defined term.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • Click Defined Term in the toolbar.

    • Choose Insert > Defined Term.

    • Press Command‑D.

    A defined term appears.

  3. Begin typing. When you’re finished typing the defined term, click away from the defined term, or position the insertion point outside of the defined term by pressing the Left Arrow key or the Right Arrow key.

See Guidelines for Creating Defined Terms in Turner to learn about guidelines for creating defined terms in Turner. See Managing Defined Terms to learn about ways to manage defined terms you create.

In addition to creating defined terms throughout your document, you can add defined terms to a definitions list; see Adding Defined Terms and Definitions to a Definitions List to learn more.

You can edit and remove defined terms you create; see Editing Defined Terms to learn how.

Editing Defined Terms

You can edit and remove defined terms.

Here are ways to edit a defined term:
  • To change the text of a defined term, click the defined term, and then begin typing or deleting text.

  • To delete a defined term, position the insertion point to the right of the defined term, and then press the Delete key twice.

When you delete a defined term, the Proofreader flags each use of this defined term as a drafting error (unless the use is a capitalized word that the Proofreader ignores or the defined term started with a lowercase letter). See Checking for Drafting Errors to learn more about the Proofreader.

You can format the appearance of defined terms by using the Defined Terms controls in the Document inspector; see Formatting Overall Text Appearance to learn more.